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The truth about the suns temperature 

Is the sun cold? Yes, it very much is. The sun is as cold as Jake Gyllenhaal is hot. Now you’re probably sitting there thinking “what the frick is this dude talking about?”. Well ask yourself this simple question. If the sun is hot, why is space cold? Not so crazy now, am I.

And let me guess your now asking yourself, “Darragh, If the sun is cold then where dos the earths natural heat come from?”. Again, a simple explanation. The core of the earth. The radioactivity from the core heat the earth with rises up wards and bounces of the O zone and reflects down ward. This is why the further away you get from the core of the earth the colder it gets. 

Now let’s get into some FAQ’s: 

• Why does it colder at night? Well the lack of light at night triggers a reaction where the core sends less heat to areas that are lacking heat

• Why is it cold in the shade? Well that’s just a straight up coincidence. 

• Isn’t space a vacuum ? Shut up nerd 

Ok so now that we know the physical logistics and truth behind the temperature of the sun, lets get into why we are being drowned in a sea of lies

The reason NASA is hiding this from the world is because they want you to think that something needs to burn to make energy. Back before renewable energy came to market this was the general concessions and that’s what NASA wanted you to think. Or at least that’s what their blood money wanted you to think. Texan oil tycoons payed NASA to hide this to stall any work on renewable energy. But I am here now and I’m not afraid of Boone Pickens and the likes. 

I’d like to focus your attention to Deputy Administrator (October 6, 1986 - May 13, 1989) Dale D. Myers. Did I think he played any role in this before I knew he had an eye patch? No. Do I know think he’s public enemy no.1 because he has an eye patch? You bet.

In my expert opinion Boone Pickens (Texan Oil Tycoon) and Dale D. Myers orchestrated the biggest cover up in the history of the world. The clues are all there. Name one person who has ever worn an eye patch and not have been up to something   


Can you honestly look at this man and tell me hes not up to something…? 

Until next time this is me signing off  

-Vick Vinegar, Body guard  

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